ADSTIC meeting - Ilaria Pigazzini, Co-founder & CEO of Arcan s.r.l.

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Published on November 21, 2022 Updated on November 21, 2022

on the November 25, 2022


This event will provide an opportunity to meet doctors involved in the industrial world and to learn about their research

ADSTIC is introducing a new series of events!

ADSTIC Meetings will provide an opportunity to meet doctors involved in the industrial world and to learn about their research.
In detail, these events will be divided into two parts, the first one lasting 1 hour, will be an opportunity for the guest to present his research and for the participants to ask their questions. This first part is open to all interested people (students, non-permanents and permanents). The second part, equivalent duration, will be reserved for students (Masters, PhD students, etc...). The speaker will take the opportunity to make a less scientific presentation, dedicated to his career between academia and industry.

First ADSTIC Meeting with Ilaria Pigazzini, Co-founder & CEO of Arcan s.r.l.
On Friday 25th November from 10 to 12 AM

Registration is not mandatory but strongly recommended.
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Presentation for all:

Evaluating Architectural Technical Debt: an approach based on Architectural Smells

Abstract: Architectural Technical Debt (ATD) is a concept in software engineering that refers to the additional effort required to adjust the suboptimal architecture caused by (intentional and unintentional) decisions dictated by limited resources. A symptom of the accumulation of ATD is the presence of Architectural Smells (AS): design decisions that negatively impact the internal system quality. Systems affected by AS suffer from high maintenance costs and are hard to evolve. In this seminar, Ilaria Pigazzini investigates six types of AS. She reports the results of the detection of smells in Open-Source and industrial monolithic Java projects and discusses the perception of smells by software developers.

From student to startupper:

How to turn your research into business

Abstract: Academia is a prime place for new ideas to be born. However, when ideas begin to grow and push to take hold in the world, there is often a need to encapsulate them in an entrepreneurial container: for example, a startup. To do this, scholars must equip themselves to turn research into market-ready products and learn how to build a new business. In this short seminar, Ilaria Pigazzini recounts her experience of founding a startup by evolving her PhD project into a product for the market.


ADSTIC is an association of PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from the SophiaTech campus. This includes all the PhD students from the STIC doctoral school (ED STIC) as well as students and postdocs working in the different labs of the campus.