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Published on July 5, 2022 Updated on July 5, 2022

on the July 5, 2022

DS4H Call for research projects 2022 EUR DS4H/UCA

The DS4H semester research projects are designed to introduce students to the research profession. Topic submission deadline : Sept. 6

Each semester, DS4H Master students have the opportunity to discover the research profession through tutorships and multidisciplinary projects.

All teachers and researchers of the laboratories associated with the School (including doctoral students and post-docs) are invited to submit topics by September 6 through the Erebe platform.
Click here to submit a topic.

Which students are concerned?

The students likely to conduct research projects are those from the following courses:

  • Master Droit des affaires, parcours Droit de la propriété intellectuelle et des nouvelles technologies
  • Master Innovation, Entreprise et Société, parcours Stratégie digitale
  • Master en Electronique, Energie électrique, Automatique, parcours Electronique et systèmes de télécommunications
  • Master en Informatique
  • Master MIAGE
DS4H Research Projects modalities

Students have one day per week (usually Fridays) and one full immersion week (from January 2nd to 6th 2023) for this work.

Tutorship is intended for students interested in discovering the research.
It consists of an immersion in a laboratory to understand the work of a researcher by carrying out personal work under the direction, and with the support, of an academic tutor.
In case a student wishes to pursue a research activity, the tutorship will constitute a pre-master's internship in the laboratory.
The tutorship can last over several semesters.
The tutors are paid 4h eq. TD per supervision semester.

Multidisciplinary projects involve teams of students from different backgrounds.
The supervision of a multidisciplinary project has naturally to be done jointly by several people from different disciplines respectively: when submitting your multidisciplinary project, please don't forget to specify the names of the co-supervisors for each of the disciplines involved (one supervisor / discipline)!
The multidisciplinary project can extend over several semesters. Each supervisor in each discipline is paid 10h eq. TD.