Deep Learning School 2021: 20 places offered to ED STIC PhD Students

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Published on June 11, 2021 Updated on June 18, 2021

100% online

Deep Learning School DS4H special offer EUR DS4H/UCA

Digital Systems for Humans Graduate school offers 20 passes (worth 100 €) for ED STIC PhD students willing to attend the lectures and expert labs. First come, first served!

The program includes:

- 5 Lectures given by high-profile speakers, internationally renowned in the field; these lectures will take place in the morning or in the afternoon.
- 5 "Expert Labs" on to the topics of the lectures, and supervised by subject-matter experts; these labs will take place the same day of the corresponding lecture, in the afternoon or in the morning accordingly.

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Do not register through the event website: send your request here (specify your name, surname, PhD domain and year of study)

By registering, you will be able attend the lectures and labs (from one to five depending on your interest) live or at any time.

To attend the Expert labs, you are expected to have a basic to intermediate level on the topic.
If you are a beginner, the only chance to possibly be able to follow the labs is first to watch, before the school, all the webinars (accessible upon registration), then to attend to all the labs, and to already have strong basis in Python.