2021/2022 DS4H Kickoff Meeting

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Published on August 17, 2021 Updated on January 5, 2022

on the September 16, 2021

@Campus SophiaTech, amphi Forum

Address: 930 route des Colles, Biot Sophia Antipolis
Parking P2
Bus station "Les Templiers" -
Bus-tram station "St Philippe"
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Plan Campus SophiaTech
Plan Campus SophiaTech Polytech Nice/UCA

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DS4H kickoff meeting spt 2021 EUR DS4H/UCA

Do not miss this opportunity to make the most of the various opportunities you are given by the DS4H Graduate school !

  • Discover our options (minors, tutorships and projects) and prepare your options selection on EREBE platform (closed on September 22th - 23h59 - First arrived, first served!).
  • Chat with teachers
  • Meet the students' association
Downloadable presentations
  • 9h00 - DS4H presentation (Johan Montagnat)
    • Sanitary instructions
    • What is DS4H?
    • DS4H Masters training offer (Anne-Laure Simonelli)
  • 9h30 - Presentation of each Master by its responsible
    • Informatique (Andrea Tettamanzi)
    • MIAGE (Michel Buffa)
    • Electronique (Mohamed Al Khalfioui & Jérôme Lanteri)
    • Stratégie Digitale (Lise Arena)
    • Droit des affaires, Digital IP&Law (Jennifer Bardy & Thierry Marteu)
  • 10h00 - Students' association DS4H ADAMS
  • 10h20 - Student life
    • 10h20 - Learning Centre SophiaTech (Justine Portelli & Coralie Viguié)
    • 10h30 - Link platform (Thierry Gibert & Laurent Giroux)
    • 10h40 - Tut’top (Gilles Bernot for Stéphanie Meuriaux)
    • 10h50 - Service Santé Universitaire (Coraline Carbonell & J. Chevalier)
  • 11h00 - Specific session to each master
  • 12h30 - Lunch Break (@R.U. CROUS - Campus SophiaTech)
  • 13h30 - DS4H Research Projects’ pitch
  • 14h00 - Have a chat with projects’ responsible
  • 14h30 - HIC projects presentation (Marc Marti)
  • 14h45 - SUGAR Projects by INVENT@UCA (S. Marchini)
  • 15h00 - DS4H minors’ presentation
  • 16h30 - Have a chat with minors’ responsible
  • 17h00 - Registration procedures (Virginie Valot) and Student Affairs
  • 17h30 - End of the day
What options are we talking about?

Each semester, the DS4H Graduate school offers students to personalize their curricula with various options:

Find out more:
Who is concerned?

DS4H options are offered to Université Côte d'Azur students enrolled in :

  • Master Informatique
  • Master Electronique, Energie électrique, Automatique
  • Master MIAGE
  • Master Stratégie Digitale
  • Master 1 Droit des Affaires
  • Master 2 Droit de la propriété intellectuelle et des nouvelles technologies
  • Master Humanités Industries créatives
  • Master 1 Psychologie parcours Ergonomie cognitive des technologies numériques
  • Master 1 Lettres parcours Linguistique, traitements informatiques du texte et processus cognitifs
  • Master 1 Langues Etrangères Appliquées, parcours LAI-RFI
  • Master 2 Langues Etrangères Appliquées, parcours TRE
  • Master and PhD students from LIFE Graduate school
  • Master and PhD students from SPECTRUM Graduate school
  • PhD students registered in ED STIC, ED DESPEG or ED SHAL, in DS4H Graduate school domains.

Not all students have access to the different minors and DS4H projects for a given semester. In order to have a precise vision of the minors, tutorships and multidisciplinary projects which are accessible to you according to your curriculum, do not miss the kickoff meeting to check what applies to you.