Les mineures et projets du semestre d'automne ont démarré

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Publié le 15 octobre 2021 Mis à jour le 15 octobre 2021

le 15 octobre 2021

DS4H Kickoff Meeting 2021/22
DS4H Kickoff Meeting 2021/22 EUR DS4H/UCA

Les cours de mineures ainsi que 26 projets de recherche ont démarré cette semaine.

Minor courses have been starting this week as well as 26 research projects.
  • The 25 tutorships (a record number!) are hosted by 7 different labs, among which LEAT laboratory is hosting 40% of tutorships, I3S 30%, and GREDEG 12%.
  • 7 students coming from 4 different Masters enrolled in a common multidisciplinary research project.
  • 7 students from 4 different Masters enrolled in 3 different HIC creativity projects.
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