Restitution of 8 Academy RISE funded projects

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Published on April 14, 2022 Updated on April 14, 2022

on the April 13, 2022

Restitution projets financés Acad RISE 2022 EUR DS4H/UCA

Two half-days of restitution of the projects funded by the RISE Academy were organised on 7 and 14 March.

This is the end of a cycle for the Academy of Excellence "Networks, Information and Digital Society" (RISE). Of the 26 projects funded since 2016, eight remained to be presented to its Board to present their progress and main results. This has now been done following the two half-day presentations organised on 7 and 14 March

The 20-minute presentations, followed by discussions, provided an opportunity to review the scientific contributions, publications and collaborations resulting from these projects.

For several of them, the Academy's funding was a springboard that helped them to obtain, for example, thesis funding for the MAD and MYDATA projects, ANR funding of 690 k€ by leverage effect for the SIM - Phase II project, or to exploit the skills developed by the I-LL-WIN project in the PASSEPARTOUT project (European project of the H2020 programme)

From connected objects to blockchain, from personal data protection to online shopping recommendation systems, the story continues for these projects with major scientific and societal challenges.

You can find here the detailed information sheets of each of the projects presented during these two half-days:

Board of the Academy :
  • Walid Dabbous, Inria, Director
  • Johan Montagnat, I3S, Deputy Director
  • Laure Blanc-Feraud, I3S
  • Flora Bellone, GREDEG
  • Elena Cabrio, I3S
  • Virginia D’Auria, INPHYNI
  • Giovanni Neglia, Inria
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