DS4H at a glance

Digital Systems for Humans (DS4H) is one of the 8 thematic graduate schools of Université Côte d'Azur. It is focused on scientific, technological and human aspects of the digital world and the digital society.

Johan Montagnat, Director
The DS4H impact is manifold. DS4H catalyses the scientific innovation of digital sciences in a multidisciplinary way by studying the whole spectrum of problems associated with digital artefacts and services ranging from hardware and software design to the examination of their fantastic promises or potential adverse effects on society. It creates value for Nice Sophia Antipolis companies by providing them with highly skilled personnel, facilitating the development of new digital systems, and better taking the expectations of society and customers into account. Ultimately, it delivers much-needed insights on the future of the digital society for the public and public policy decision makers to help creating a thriving society.