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Our 270 PhD candidates, 70% international, are inventing the digital world of tomorrow!

What is a PhD? A thesis?

Do you want to start a research career?

The PhD is prepared in three intensive years and consists of original research work that involves writing and defending a thesis before a jury of researchers. PhD is the key to becoming a university lecturer and researcher or to a career in public or private research.
To enrol for a doctorate, you must hold a national master's degree or equivalent.
For three or four years, doctoral training takes place in research units or teams whose quality is recognised by periodic national evaluation. Doctoral students benefit from the pedagogical support of a thesis director.
Writing a thesis represents a heavy personal investment. Like all students, doctoral students must attend a certain number of training courses and validate 'credits'. In addition to thesis work, the curriculum includes additional scientific, general and professional training. This set of courses, conferences and seminars is intended to facilitate the professional integration of doctoral students.

Career Opportunities

PhD is a universally recognised diploma that opens the doors to international industrial and academic careers. In the digital field, where the job market is very favourable, our PhDs easily find work in France and throughout the world.

Teaching and research. The goal for many doctoral students is to become a researcher in a public laboratory or a teacher at the university. But beware, the number of positions available is limited! PhDs can also teach in engineering schools, business schools, IEPs, etc., provided they meet the requirements of each of these institutions.

Research in companies. PhDs can also work in private companies, particularly in the research and development departments of industrial companies. All that is required is that their research topic be compatible with their employer's objectives.

In which disciplines does DS4H award doctorates?
DS4H delivers PhD in:
With Doctoral school in Information and Communication Technologies (ED-STIC) With Doctoral school in Law, Political Science, Economics and Management (ED-DESPEG)

With Doctoral school in Societies, Humanities, Arts and Literature (ED SHAL)

  • Computer Science
  • Automatic, Signal and Image Processing
  • Control, Optimization, Prospective
  • Digital Health
  • Electronics
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Education Science
Why doing a PhD within DS4H Graduate school?

As a doctoral student at Université Côte d'Azur, you will be provided with a very high-quality hosting environment:

How do I apply for a PhD?
All PhD students must benefit from 3 years funding to register. With the help of your potential PhD supervisor, inventory the possible 3-year funding sources and apply to the appropriate programs.
How do I apply for a minor? an additional training?

DS4H Graduate school give PhD candidates access to a very rich catalogue of courses. The catalogue of these courses and registrations are available on ADUM. Find out more...