Professional and Research Projects

Take the opportunity to run individual and group projects to sharpen your professional objectives!

How do DS4H Projects work?
  • Each semester, you as students are offered different types of projects.
  • You are invited to select your wishes from a given list of projects. You can choose 1 project per semester.
  • You are the one to decide one semester to another what project you wish to conduct. From one semester to another, feel free to coitnue the same project or decide to try something new.
  • DS4H projects are mostly held on Fridays but not necessarily. You are responsible to check the compatibility of the project you apply to with your own schedule.
  • In most cases, each project is credited 6 ECTS in your curriculum.
  • Assignments: Oral presentation, written report, supervisor's evaluation.

Projects in

Tutorships provide training to research by immersion in a laboratory


Join a team of students from different disciplines working on a shared topic

Take part to the development of a video game!
Innovation Multidisciplinary Projects - ICE

With Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurship ICE

Research projects guide

Download here !
Tutorships and Multidisciplinary Research Projects Guide (EN)

(last update 30/08/2023)


  • How and when can you choose and enrol in a DS4H research project?
  • Administrative procedures
  • The main steps of your project
  • Assignments
  • Etc.

Video - Research projects in a nutshell

Your Fall 2023 research projects key dates