Professional and Research Projects

Take the opportunity to run individual and group projects to sharpen your professional objectives!

How do DS4H Projects work?
  • Each semester, you as students are offered different types of projects.
  • You are invited to select your wishes from a given list of projects. You can choose, in order of preference, up to 3 projects. As best as possible you are then assigned to your first choice of project according to the success of your candidature and the capacity of the project.
  • You are the one to decide one semester to another what project you wish to conduct. Feel free to try, to fail and to decide to try something new.
  • DS4H projects are mostly held on Fridays but not necessarily. You are responsible to check the compatibility of the project you apply to with your own schedule.
  • Each project is credited 6 ECTS in your curriculum.
  • Assignments: Oral presentation + Written report

Projects in

Tutorships provide training to research by immersion in a laboratory


Join a team of students from different disciplines working on a shared topic

Take part to the development of a video game!
Innovation Multidisciplinary Projects - ICE

With Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurship ICE

Research projects guide

Download here !
Tutorships and Multidisciplinary Research Projects Guide

(last update 24/03/22)


  • How and when can you choose and enrol in a DS4H research project?
  • Administrative procedures
  • The main steps of your project
  • Assignments
  • Etc.