A graduate school of Digital Systems for Humans within Université Côte d'Azur

We train the future generation of digital systems experts!
The increasing complexity of digital systems requires highly qualified persons with a broad overview of scientific, technological, human and society-related aspects of digital systems development. Our fully modular education program aims at training digital system experts with a well-identified specialization (computer science, economy, electronics, law, management, telecommunications...) and complementary skills as well as the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Each student curriculum is personalized according to the options selected (one major enriched with minors and/or projects).

A strong integration between education, research and industry

Our training programs are designed in collaboration with partner research laboratories to enable students to acquire sought-after skills in both research and digital systems development. From the first year of the Master's program, students  have the opportunity to test their taste for research through laboratory tutorships.
Finally, the School cultivates close links with industrial partners who participate in its research, training and innovation projects.

A wide range of career opportunities

  • Digital Scientist: Computers Sciences / Electronics / Networks / Internet of Things / Data Sciences
  • Data Analyst: Statistics / Big Data / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence / Smart Cities
  • Digital Designer: Ergonomics / Usage / Durability
  • Teacher: Digital Technologies / Co-creativity / Digital Education / Innovation
  • Economist: Digital Strategies / New markets / Economy of the digital society
  • Manager: Digital Business / Digital labour market / Decision taking
  • Lawyer: Digital objects law / Intellectual Property / Legal responsibilities