Classes beyond your discipline

DS4H Minors are additional courses that allow you, students, to access new disciplines alongside your major.

How it works?
  • Minors are accessible to M1, M2, and PhD students accordingly to your Major schedule.
  • Apprentices: minors are open to you (notably those which are held remotely). Beware that you will not get any ECTS credit for this.
  • Each semester, you are invited as students to make your choices from a given list of minors (read next tab). You can choose, in order of preference, up to 3 minors. As best as possible you are then assigned to your first choice of minor according to the capacity of each class.
  • DS4H minors are taught in English and are mostly held on Thursday mornings. Some minors can be held remotely. You have to check the compatibility of the minor you want to take with your own schedule.
  • Minors have little or no prerequisites to remain accessible for students with different backgrounds.
  • Each minor corresponds to 24 hours of teaching and is credited 3 ECTS in your curriculum (No ECTS for Apprentices).
  • Assignments: Depending the minor chosen. Often Oral presentation + Written report. 
Spring 2021 Minors
Autumn 2020 Minors