Classes beyond your discipline

DS4H Minors are additional courses that allow you, students, to access new disciplines alongside your major. Semester after semester, build your personalized curriculum, satisfy your intellectual curiosity and boost your employability!

One minor / semester

for M1, M2 and PhD students with no or little prerequisites

24 hours

Courses held in English

Customize your training

Offer renewed each semester

Can you benefit from the DS4H minor offer?

DS4H minors are offered at the beginning of each semester to Université Côte d'Azur students enrolled in :

  • Master Informatique
  • Master Electronique, Energie électrique, Automatique
  • Master MIAGE
  • Master Stratégie Digitale
  • Master 1 Droit des Affaires
  • Master 2 Droit de la propriété intellectuelle et des nouvelles technologies
  • Master Humanités Industries créatives
  • Master 1 Psychologie parcours Ergonomie cognitive des technologies numériques
  • Master 1 Lettres parcours Linguistique, traitements informatiques du texte et processus cognitifs
  • Master 1 Langues Etrangères Appliquées, parcours LAI-RFI
  • Master 2 Langues Etrangères Appliquées, parcours TRE
  • PhD students registered in ED STIC, ED DESPEG or ED SHAL, in DS4H Graduate school domains.

Not all students in these courses have access to all the open minors for a given semester. In order to have a precise vision of the minors which are accessible to you according to your curriculum, do not miss the kickoff metting organised at the beginning of each semester (dates and information sent to your student email).
How do DS4H minors work?

DS4H minors are a great opportunity for you to expand your vision and understanding of the digital world. Please read this information carefully to get the most from them.

  • Minors are accessible to M1, M2, and PhD students accordingly to your Major schedule (you have to check the compatibility of the minor you want to take with your own schedule).
  • Apprentices: minors are open to you (notably those which are held remotely).
  • At the beginning of each semester, you are invited as students to attend the DS4H kickoff meeting which will provide you with all the information on the minors open
  • Right after the kickoff meeting, you have to make your choices from a given list of minors. You can choose, in order of preference, up to 3 minors. As best as possible you are then assigned to your first choice of minor according to the capacity of each class.
  • DS4H minors are taught in English and are mostly held on Thursday mornings.
  • Some minors can be held remotely.
  • Minors have little or no prerequisites to remain accessible for students with different backgrounds.
  • Each minor corresponds to 24 hours of teaching and is credited 3 ECTS in your curriculum.
  • Assignments: Depending the minor chosen. Often Oral presentation + Written report.
Autumn 2021 minors offer

Schedules and rooms updates: visit this webpage regularly!
Last update: Dec 8th


Advanced AI: Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Also open to SPECTRUM Graduate schools students
Schedule/rooms updated on Oct 6th

Anthropology and Ethics of Technics

Evaluation deadline updated on Oct 14th

Digital Strategy

Rooms updated on Oct 11th
Schedule updated on Oct 22nd

Innovation and Creativity

Evaluation modalities updated on Oct 18th

Innovation and Design Thinking

Schedule updated on Sept 28th

Introduction to AI: Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Also open to LIFE and SPECTRUM Graduate schools students
Schedule/rooms updated on Oct 6th
TP/TD Rooms @Valrose updated on Oct 15th

Introduction to Scientific Research

Also open to SPECTRUM Graduate schools students
Dec 2nd session: room updated on Nov 26th

Organize your activity in project mode

Schedule updated on Oct 4th

Sociology of Creative Industries

Oct 21st session: online on Zoom (link in the minor's schedule)

Technological Challenges in the IoT Domain

Schedule updated on Dec 8th

Tools 2 Communicate

Schedule updated on Nov 26th

Web Technologies /Javascript Introduction

Schedule updated on Oct 5th

Website Creation Workshop

Schedule updated on Sept 20nd
Rooms updated on Oct 1st
Rooms updated on Oct 14th

Spring 2022 minors offer

Schedules and rooms updates: visit this webpage regularly!
Last update: Dec 13th

Quantum Technologies

Also open to SPECTRUM Graduate schools students

DS4H Minors - Archive

Our minor offering varies from semester to semester. Here is the list of all the minors that have been proposed since the creation of DS4H Graduate school:

  • Accessibility and universal design
  • Anthropology of Technologies
  • Creative Industries
  • DeepTech Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Business
  • Digital Intellectual Property and Law
  • Digital Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Scientific Research and Experiment
  • Programming Multiplayer Video Games on the Web Platform / Advanced JavaScript
  • Sensor & Network Devices
  • Technological Challenges in the IoT Domain
  • Tools 2 communicate
  • Web Technologies / JavaScript Introduction
  • Website Creation