Student Affairs Services

take care of all your administrative procedures: university registration, exams, scholarships, internships, issue of certificates and diplomas, student card, school certificate, transcripts...

If your question cannot be answered online, you can contact the Student Affairs Office on the campus where your curriculum is located:

Students in Licence Informatique, Licence Electronique, Licence MIASHS/MIAGE, Licence S&T/IA, Licence Maths/Info, M1 Informatique, M2 Informatique et interactions, Master Electronique and Master MIAGE :

Do you study on Campus SophiaTech?

Your student card withdrawal/update/debug can be done on site without moving to Nice (online request). For any other question, please contact the Campus Valrose School Affairs Office.

Students in M2 Ingénierie informatique and Master EIT Digital :

> Polytech Nice Sophia School Affairs

Etudiants in Master Stratégie digitale :

> Campus St Jean d'Angély School Affairs

Etudiants in Master Droit des Affaires :

> Campus Trotabas School Affairs