What do the Student Affairs services do?

The Student Affairs services can help you with questions related to:

  • Administrative and pedagogical registrations
  • Exams
  • Study facilities
  • Scholarships
  • Interships
  • Study break
  • Transfers
  • Certificates of completion and diplomas
  • Student Card
  • School certificates

Are you a student at DS4H Graduate school?
Identify the Student Affairs service you are attached to regarding your curriculum:

I am enrolled in... I am attached to...
- Licence 3 Sciences et Technologies parcours Intelligence artificielle
- Licence 3 MIASHS parcours MIAGE
- M1 and M2 Informatique
- M1 and M2 MIAGE
- PhD within Doctoral school Sciences et Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (ED STIC)

> Scolarité Campus SophiaTech

Les Lucioles, Room 214
04 89 15 42 14
Masters 2 et Doctorats : 04 89 15 40 23
- M2 Ingénierie informatique
- Master EIT Digital
> Scolarité Polytech
- M1 and M2 Electronique, Energie électrique, automatique

> Scolarité du Campus Valrose

- M1 and M2 Stratégie digitale

> Scolarité de l'EUR ELMI

- M2 Droit de la Propriété Intellectuelle et des nouvelles technologies

> Scolarité du Campus Trotabas

- PhD within Doctoral school Droit, Science Politique, Sciences Economiques et Sciences de Gestion (ED DESPEG)

> Scolarité ED DESPEG

- PhD within Doctoral school Sociétés, Humanités, Arts et Lettres (ED SHAL)

> Scolarité ED SHAL