Students need your help!

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Published on December 7, 2023 Updated on December 7, 2023

on the December 7, 2023

Become a disabled student's helper (exam secretary, note taker, private tutor) and contribute to the inclusive university of the 21st century!

Do you want to help students with disabilities during their studies and/or exams and get paid for it ?

Students with disabilities who cannot write need note takers and exam scribes.

You must : 
  • know how to write perfectly in French
  • Know how to have legible handwriting and know how to correctly transcribe formulas in mathematics, physics, etc.
  • Pay attention and only write what the student with a disability dictates. (It’s not about helping them by providing good answers).
  • Take a commitment toward teachers and especially students with disabilities who must count on you. Please avoid withdrawing at the last moment and notify if you have to be absent.

Student contract
The price will be 11.52 euros/hour within the limit of 200 hours per student and per year. Payment will be made once the service done. That means at the end of the semester (be patient because the human resources department is running late and the wait can be longer).

Your priority is to attend your own classes and exams. Being a secretary does not be an excuse to miss a class. 
Changing TD groups may be considered if necessary.
Does this job interest you? Please contact Mrs Ouiam JEBALI.