Excellence Scholarships Program

Digital Systems for Humans Graduate school provides financial and non-financial support to high-achieving and committed students from all over the world.

Who is eligible  ?

Eligible Master's degree programs:

  • Master in Computer Science
  • Master in Electronics
  • Master in Digital Strategy
  • Master in Digital Law and Intellectual Property
  • SKEMA MSc in Digital Business
  • SKEMA MSc in Digital Marketing

The selection of the candidate is coordinated by the Head of each Master's degree program.

The scholarship is awarded to currently-enrolled undergraduates and graduates, with the following conditions:  

  • The student must be a non-French citizen.
  • Candidates with French nationality will not be considered.
  • With non-French university entrance certificates.
  • With excellent academic curriculum and records and recommandations from the foreign university.
  • Expressing interest in pursuing a PhD degree following the Master's Degree.
  • Score of B2 at the French proficiency test and a good knowledge of English.
Financial Conditions

The scholarship amounts to 5.500 € granted in two separate payments of  2.750 € per semester.

Scholarship is awarded without consideration of personal or parent income.

It cannot be cumulated with other scholarships if their total amount is higher than 500 € / month.

Funding is normally granted for two semesters but the second payment is conditioned by a positive review by the Head of the Master's degree program.

Non Financial Support

Awarded students will receive non-financial support through networking events, and opportunities to complete an internship in one of our partner laboratories or in one of the local high tech companies of the French Riviera region.