Minor Anthropology and Ethics of Technics


Valentina Tirloni


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20 students

About this minor



Learning Outcomes

The aim of this minor is to develop critical thinking on technological issues.

We generally consider technology as a very useful tool to improve our life, to solve problems and to enjoy ourselves. Though, is there any negative downside? Has human being lost something of his/her peculiar nature? Is human being enhanced or diminished? How human being has changed with technological progress? Did we lose any particular value during that evolution?

This course will be set on four parts:

  • Anthropological inquiry on Technics
    • New sociability
    • A New Narcissism
    • The impact of Technologies and Communication Tools on human life
  • Transhumanism
    • Enhancement, augmentation, transformation of human body by technological devices
  • Philosophical inquiry on Technics
    • The Question of Technics: what is the technological paradigm?
    • Technophobia versus Techno-philia
  • An ethical approach to Technics
    • The ethical inversion
    • Tools and aims
  • Valentina Tirloni, lecturer in Information and Communication Sciences, Université Côte d'Azur
  • Nov 18: First written essay submission deadline
  • Dec 16: Second written essay submission deadline


Autumn 2021 (updated Oct 14th)
Mind the evaluation modalities and deadlines in the "Evaluation" tab above.
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Oct 21 18h00-19h00 Tutoring session online synchronous
Oct 28 18h00-19h00 Tutoring session online synchronous
Nov 25 18h00-19h00 Tutoring session online synchronous
Dec 9 18h00-19h00 Tutoring session online synchronous