Minor Artificial Intelligence in Video Game


Programming, especially C. (In the workshop we use the C# included in Unity)


5 DS4H students

About this minor



  • General introduction to IA
  • Understanding the concrete uses of automation in Video Games
  • Knowing the algorithms and their uses and limits
  • Practicing the techniques of the programmation of IA for Video Games
The objective of this course is to break the varnish of artificial intelligence, to pose and reflect together on the needs, constraints and solutions that we can bring to the problems related to artificial intelligence in video games. And, while taking the magic out of artificial intelligence, we will become magicians ourselves. During this course you will be able to understand, discuss, analyze and apply the notions we will see together. There will be a part of the course on Unity, a part on paper and a part on CodinGame.
We will discuss notions of path-finding (Djikstra, A*), complexity, modeling and we will see some interesting algorithms. We will also discuss some problems related to machine learning and make you want to learn more!
Finally, the course I'm doing is flexible. If you are more interested in some notions than others, we can, if time allows, study parts that do not necessarily appear in the initial offer.

Students will be evaluated on:

  • Exercices during the course: April, 14th
  • Code programming: April, 14th


Mind the evaluation modalities and deadlines in the "Evaluation" tab above.

Spring 2022


Time slot

Course title


Fev 24 9h00-12h00 Introduction
Mar 3 9h00-12h00 Pathfinding Step 1
Mar 10 9h00-12h00 Modelisation
Mar 17 9h00-12h00 Algorithms
Mar 24 9h00-12h00 CODINGAME
Mar 31 9h00-12h00 Pathfinding Step 2
Apr 7 9h00-12h00 Complexity
Apr 14 9h00-12h00 Deep Learning