Minor Digital Business

Coordinated by: Zakaria Babutsidze




SKEMA Sophia Antipolis and online




14 students

About this minor


Learning Outcomes

This course provides foundation for understanding the fundamental concepts in digital business and in managerial decision-making in general.

The advance of the information technologies and consequent digitization of the many aspects of economic life has game-changing consequences for modern-day businesses. This is particularly obvious in terms of vast amount of data becoming available to firms that can intelligently exploit and design better products and processes.
This course provides foundation for understanding the value of data in digital business, and in managerial decision-making in general. The course outlines distinctions of current data sources from those used by businesses in the past. It also covers cutting-edge data technologies (i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing etc.) and moves onto the analysis of benefits and shortcomings of this new development brought by the digital transformation of organizations.

  • What’s different with digital business?
  • How do we create value?
  • How do we extract value?
  • What’s the value of data and of prediction?
  • Should we automate decision-making?
  • Perils of digitizing business
  • Final project coaching
  • Final project delivery
All reading materials will be provided at http://bit.do/DBE20
Presentation slides will also be placed in the same location after every class.

The course relies on two books:
• Information Rules by Shapiro and Varian; Harvard Business School Press 1998. (Hereafter - SV)
• Prediction Machines by Agrawal, Gans & Goldfarb; Harvard Business School Press 2018. (Hereafter - AGG)
Relevant chapters of these textbooks will be shared in the same location.
  • Assignment (35% of the final grade)​

The assignment will take place on November 5. The essence of the assignment will be communicated in class.​

  • Final group project (65% of the final grade)​

The deliverable for the final project is due on December 17. Project will be carried out in randomly generated teams. Teams will be generated and the essence of the project will be communicated on December.


This minor is not open this semester