Minor Essential Negotiation Skills

Coordinated by: Peter Spier




Synchronous online sessions




About this minor


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you will :

  • (Knowledge acquisition) have assimilated a range of frameworks for understanding negotiation. 
  • (Attitude) approach and ‘read’ negotiation situations more effectively.
  • (Behavior) have developed better habits for negotiation, whether in preparation, enquiry and active listening, claiming or creating value.

Negotiation is an essential skill for reaching professional and personal goals as well as creating value.  In spite of the common belief that negotiators are born, not created, it is well worth taking time to structure your ideas on, and approach to, this essential activity.  This course aims to make you a better negotiator.  While seeking to promote a more thoughtful approach to negotiation, it is practical, down-to-earth and interactive, combining discussions of theoretical frameworks that can help better understand negotiation situations with advice about strategies and tactics.

The course will balance structured tutor input and active learning, using negotiation exercises to create a sequence of learning experiences, and videos to provide personal feedback.

Contents :

  • Getting down to business/structuring our approach
  • Getting to yes, but starting with No Negotiating across cultures
  • Summing up. Negotiation, improvisation, creativity
  • Introduction and overview
  • Getting down to business
  • Negotiation exercise : Sarfaatistraat
  • Negotiation exercise: Pakistani Prunes / Building trust / Game theory
  • Negotiation exercise: Hamilton / Pitching in or not...
  • Negotiation exercise : Moms.com / Value creation - Making trade-offs.
  • Peter Spier, SKEMA Business school
  • Roger Fisher, William Ury, Bruce Patton, Getting to yes: negotiating agreement without giving in, ISBN: 0-14-015735-2. This is an absolute classic, published in an edition that shouldn’t break the bank. Less thorough, perhaps, than the Essentials (see below) in its coverage of the topic, and more inclined to argue in favour of an ‘integrative’ approach to negotiation than to present itself as an ‘academic’ text, it is certainly an influential work.
  • Roy Lewicki et al., Essentials of negotiation (3rd edition, McGraw Hill 2003), ISBN 0071232540. A standard text for negotiation courses that covers the theoretical topics thoroughly and in a very readable fashion. There are two other books by the same authors: Negotiation (ISBN 0 07 112315 6) which is the full version from which the ‘Essentials’ is taken, and Negotiation: readings, exercises and cases (ISBN 0 07 112316 4) which contains what the titles suggests. This whole series is very good indeed and will provide one of the fullest introductions to the subject.
  • Shell, R. (1999). Bargaining for advantage. New York: Viking Books. An excellent, comprehensive and readable book.
  • Thompson, L. (1998). The mind and heart of the negotiator. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Another very good book. Unfortunately a little bit expensive.
  • Lax, D., & Sebenius, J (1986). The manager as negotiator: bargaining for cooperation and competitive gain. New York: Free Press. A solid, level-headed and readable book.
  • Ury, W. (1991). Getting past no: negotiating with difficult people. New York: Bantam Books. A book from the ‘Getting to yes’ team that will prove useful when the going gets tough.
  • J. (2002). Start with NO. The negotiating tools that pros don’t want you to know. New York: Crown Business. As the title suggests, the author takes a different stance to that of most integrative approaches and has a hardball tactics approach that is interesting. A good companion work to the ‘Getting to yes’ books.
  • Noesner, Gary (2018). Stalling for time: my life as an FBI negotiator. New York: Random House. A very different perspective on negotiation from a former FBI negotiator. By far the best of these kind of books so far.
  • Negotiator's Diary (100% of the final grade)​


This minor is not open this semester