Minor Sensor and Network Devices



Classroom, Campus SophiaTech


Basics in programming language


20 students

About this minor


The objective of this module is to program a Cherokey robot in Arduino language to go from point A to point B, avoiding all obstacles in its path and being as fast as possible. It will have to cross the circuit first independently and then with a Bluetooth command.

The evolution of sensor technology and communication protocols has made it possible to realize connected objects whose application domains are in full expansion.
This teaching unit aims to provide theoretical and practical bases for the development of connected objects and more particularly the development of the Cherokey 4WD arduino mobile robot. It is a versatile mobile robot that is compatible with popular microcontrollers such as the arduino UNO, arduino MEGA 2560, Romeo, etc.

This course will be divided into three parts:

  • In a first step, will be devoted to understanding how the robot works, discovering the Arduino language and its functions.
  • A second part is dedicated to the programming the Cherokey Robot and to find the function that will allow the robot to avoid obstacles.
  • The last step will be to use the bluetooth function and the camera to move the robot.

  • Oral presentation
  • Written report


Autumn 2021 (last update: June, 10)


Time slot

Course title Room
Oct 14 Introduction/ Arduino Environment
Oct 21 Concept of Robot and first tests
Oct 28 Mini project - Tutorial
Nov 18 Mini project
Nov 25 Mini project
Dec 2 Mini project - Using Bluetooth
Dec 9 Mini project - Using of camera
Dec 16 Evaluation: Oral presentation
Jan 7 Evaluation: written report