Minor Tools 2 Communicate


Anne-Laure Simonelli (PhD, DS4H Pedagogical Engineer)


- Synchronous tutoring sessions
- Campus SophiaTech, Sophia Antipolis


To have a LinkedIn profile created and a written CV.


20 students

About this minor




You will learn:

  • how to communicate specifically to enter the work force (through CV, cover letter, LinkedIn, job interview, job search strategy)
  • how to communicate effectively to a wider audience (through short video production, oral communication).

This minor consists in a series of workshops built to allow students to practice, try, fail, and try again, to get tips from professionals from industry and academic worlds. Students through the different workshops will become aware of the importance of becoming an effective communicator, to identify the audience, the main purpose of the communication and adapt the communication adequately.

Part I (15h): How to communicate to enter the work force

  • A series of 6 workshops: Job’ Action’s workshops (Sylvain Lareyre & Anne-Laure Simonelli)
  • A specific session on the job market will be held by disciplines: Computer Sciences (Sylvain Lareyre), Law (Vincent de Bonnafos), Digital Strategy (Guillaume Rolle) and Electronics (Matthias Raucoules-Aimé).

Part II (9h): How to communicate effectively to a wider audience

  • Short video production: The objective of this part of the course is to transmit the bases of the audiovisual communication to students in order to enable them to communicate through this media in their future projects. Students learn scriptwriting, shooting and editing. Students will learn basic rolls of the cinematic language, as well as tools and practical hints for the creation of short videos (students will use their phone for shooting and editing).
  • Oral communication: The objective of this part of the course is to give students different tips on how to speak in public, how to train, to practice to finally become an effective communicator.
  • Anne-Laure Simonelli (PhD, DS4H Pedagogical Engineer)
  • Sylvain Lareyre (Employment Branding Consultant)
  • Vincent de Bonnafos (Law, Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Matthias Raucoules-Aimé (Engineer, speciality micro-electronics)
  • Guillaume Rolle (Digital Strategy)
  • Oritse Emore (short video production)

Students will be evaluated on:

  • Engagement throughout the session (10 %)
  • Quality of revised CV (30 %) - Submission deadline: Oct 28, 23h00
  • LinkedIn Profile (30 %) - Submission deadline: Nov, 18, 23h00
  • Short video creation (30 %) - Submission deadline: Dec, 19, 23h00


Mind the evaluation modalities and deadlines in the "Evaluation" tab above.

Autumn 2021 (updated: Sept 27th)


Time slot

Course title



Oct 14 9h30-12h00 How to write / to improve my CV Sylvain Lareyre SophiaTech, Forum, Room 121
Oct 21 9h30-12h00 How to write a cover letter + email Sylvain Lareyre SophiaTech, Forum, Room 121
Oct 28 9h30-12h00 How to set up and edit my LinkedIn profile + personal branding (professional photo shoot offered at the end of the session) Sylvain Lareyre SophiaTech, Forum, Rooms 121/122
Nov 18 9h30-12h00 Internships/Apprenticeship/job search strategies (spontaneous application, jobboards, cooptation/networking, being hunt) Sylvain Lareyre SophiaTech, Forum, Room 121
Nov 25 9h30-12h00 How to prepare a job interview Sylvain Lareyre SophiaTech, Lucioles, Room 291 345
Dec 2 9h30-12h00 The IT job market Sylvain Lareyre SophiaTech, Lucioles, Room 348
The Electronic job market Matthias Raucoules-Aimé SophiaTech, Lucioles, Room 346
The Law job market Vincent de Bonnafos SophiaTech, Lucioles, Room 362
Dec 9 9h00-12h30 Video creation Oritse Emore SophiaTech, Forum, Room 121
Dec 16 9h00-12h30 Oral Communication Anne-Laure Simonelli SophiaTech, Forum, Room 121
18h00-20h00 Video creation Oritse Emore Live remote tutorial session
(SophiaTech, Lucioles, Room 346 if needed)