Minor Website Creation Workshop


Manuel Boutet, Université Côte d'Azur, CNRS, GREDEG


Workshop in Cannes




20 students



Learning outcomes

Students will learn how to showcase the best of their work, skills through various medias : websites, online portfolios, blogs, social networks. They also will learn how to create assets (posts, photos, videos, graphics, podcasts… using free tools and their smartphones + computers).

They will work on their online presence and learn how to avoid pitfalls. They will also learn how to collaborate effectively online using video conference.

  • PART 1 - Creating assets - 10 hours

Students will learn how to create graphic presentations using Canva (free) + the Adobe suite using stock pictures and free graphics  

Students will learn how to create stunning video teasers using Vimeo create + Canva (free) using stock footage + music + self shooting with their smartphone.

Students will learn how to record and edit a podcast using their smartphone + free tools

  • PART 2 -Show casing assets - 14 hours

Student will discover Wordpress, Wix, motion array + Google my business + an introduction of SEO optimization and domain name search

Student will discover various online portfolios (Vimeo page, Youtube channel, Tumbler, Instagram, Google my business, Coroflot, Soundcloud…)

Student will create and/or optimize their online presence through social networks (create professional presence: professional LinkedIn page, email address, Instagram) and will learn how to advertise on these networks

There will be a focus on how to work online remotely using zoom, teams, slack… what background to choose, adding a green screen behind, how to place your webcam to look good and they will also learn how to create a live streaming event.

  • Nicolas Fogliarini, producer, director RR3 FILMS


Autumn 2021


Time slot


Course title
Oct 14
Oct 21
Oct 28
Nov 18
Nov 25
Dec 2
Dec 9
Dec 16