DS4H Thesis Financial Support Program

What is Icarus Program?

The objective of the Icarus Program (funded by the Academy of Excellence "Networks, Information, and Digital Society" and the Graduate School DS4H) is to support a number of doctoral fellowships in strategically important academic disciplines. The Icarus Program has been designed to award PhD students and their thesis directors additional money for conference travel and professional equipment.

Funding Modalities

The Icarus Program aid impacts a limited number of PhD cursus and represents 45.000 € in total.

The amount varies from 7.500 euros to 10.000 euros per doctoral thesis. This amount is allocated for a 3 years period to cover travel and equipment expenses.


Who is eligible?  

The Icarus Program focuses mainly on the PhD fellowships held in research areas strategic for the Academy and the Graduate School DS4H.

The selection of the beneficiaries is coordinated by the Selection Committee of two Doctoral Schools STIC and DESPEG  together with the Steering Committee of the Academy and DS4H. 

The evaluation criteria are as follows : 

  • Threefold scientific excellence: PhD student, thesis subject, PhD advisor ;
  • Relevance to the strategic research areas ;
  • Implication in the thesis of 2 laboratories from Université Côte d'Azur. 
Contact :
Walid Dabbous
Head of the Academy of Excellence "Networks, Information, and Digital Society

Anana Postoaca, 1st year doctoral student, beneficiary of the Icarus Program

2019 March, 3rd

My doctoral research aims at analyzing the place of artificial intelligence in the context of dispute resolution, especially consumer disputes, in order to understand how complex algorithms could resolve these disputes without human intervention.
I am very happy to be an Icarus laureate because it gives me additional opportunities to advance in my work.

For example, in November 2018 Icarus allowed me to go to Paris to participate in the Legaltech Village. This is one of the most important French trade shows that annually brings together legal professionals, students and entrepreneurs interested in the subject of LegalTech. It was a great opportunity to get information on new technologies applied to law, training in innovation approaches, which is very useful for my thesis topic. There was a rich space for exhibitions, conferences and workshops and meetings and exchanges with other participants that will certainly be very useful during my research work.