Multidisciplinary Group Projects

Enrich your experience and open your mind with group projects

Multidisciplinary Group Projects allow you to work on a specific given problematic during an entire semester with other students from different disciplines.

  • DS4H Graduate school offer three types of multidisciplinary projects: Research projects, Creative Industries projects and INVENT@UCA projects (see below).
  • Multidisciplinary Group projects lead students to develop several transferable skills such as communication, cooperative and teamwork skills e.g. planning, management, leadership and peer support.
  • Multidisciplinary Group projects are accessible to M1, M2, and PhD students.
  • Multidisciplinary Projects have little or no prerequisites to remain accessible for students with different backgrounds.
  • Each semester, you are invited as students to make your choices from a given list of projects. You can choose, in order of preference, up to 3 projects. As best as possible you are then assigned to your first choice of project according to the success of your candidature and the capacity of the project.   
  • You are the one to decide one semester to another what project you wish to conduct, and you’re free to try, to fail and to decide to try something new.
  • DS4H projects are mostly held on Fridays but not necessarily. You are responsible to check the compatibility of the project you apply to with your own schedule.
  • Each project is credited 6 ECTS in your curriculum.
  • Assignments: Oral presentation + Written report

Multidisciplinary Research Projects

These research projects address cross-disciplinary topics. They are supervised by the academic supervisors who proposed the subject.

2020/21 multi disciplinary research projects

Humanities Creative Industries

These projects offer initiation to creativity. They are operated by the master's Humanities and Creative Industries (HIC) which trains professionals for jobs in the digital creative industries. HIC projects are jointly designed and managed by the 1st and 2nd year students. The projects are monitored by the HIC supervision team and results are presented during an innovation show.

2020/21 HIC projects

Invent@UCA Project Studio

Invent@UCA is a co-creation program which brings together students and professionals. It offers a diverse custom-made training and experiences, particularly through the work of multidisciplinary teams on real cases to create innovative, relevant and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by companies and other organizations (institutions and NGO).