Testimony - Manith Prum

  • M1 Computer Science (international track)
  • Minor : Machine Learning
  • Project INVENT@UCA

Manith, you are a student in the international track of the Master's Computer Science. Why did you choose to run a project within INVENT@UCA program?

As DS4H students we have the possibility to run multidisciplinary projects. I heard about the INVENT@UCA program during the DS4H kick-off day held on September, 21th at Inria. What I first expected was to meet new people, to be part of a group, to work on something which will have a social impact. It is an opportunity not only to apply our skills (computer science as far as I am concerned, but we have all different backgrounds), but also to get communication skills, problem solving skills, etc.

I worked with 2 PhD fellows: because we had different level in different disciplines, our points of view and perspectives were different too! We could learn from each other, that is a very good point of the program.

What was the purpose of your project?

We worked on the development of an application which goal is to create a student community at UCA, to allow them to connect to each other. They can share information about their activities and take part into the other activities.

It was not only about finding a solution. We had to go in deep to experience the quality and the relevance of the solution we suggested to the problem we had been given.

What did this project development and DS4H options bring you?

I also attended the minor "Introduction to Machine Learning" offered by DS4H. I have a passion for Machine Learning and I was so excited to have the opportunity to get a course in this field! And these two modules (i.e. the DEMOLA multidisciplinary project and the minor) are very helpful. You can develop your hard skills but also learn new things, new skills, you can take part into projects and you can explore yourself. You know, in the future, we will not be working alone as individual parts. We will work within a community. What we learn here benefits the Society. It benefits us as a whole!

Interview released at INVENT@UCA Final Pitch Event, 7/12/18