Academy NIDS Call 2017

This 2nd Academy's call was closed on Sept 18, 2017


20 proposals have been submitted and 10 selected for funding.

Objectives of the call

This second internal call for projects of the NIDS Academy aims to encourage the emergence or to consolidate research projects, in the scientific domains covered by the NIDS Academy and involving UCA researchers. The submitted projects might address scientific or technological challenges, test Proof of Concepts. The originality, the exploratory nature, the trans-disciplinarity and the integration in a “projet structurant” defined by UCAJEDI Idex are evaluation criteria for the submitted projects. The total amount of funding allocated by the NIDS Academy to this second call is about 300k€ split in two separate calls :

  • First Call (without salary): it will fund hardware and travel expenses over maximum a two year period with a minimum amount of 20 k€ per project. Master internships paid as gratifications are elligible. This call will receive a funding of 200 k€.
  • Second Call (with salary): it will fund post-doc or engineer salary for up to one year with an overhead cost for travel and hardware of maximum 15%. This call will receive a funding of 100 k€.

Those 2 calls are independent and a principal investigator may apply to one of the calls or both of them. In this latter case, the two projects will be evaluated independently.

Coordinator and consortium

The principal investigator of the project should be a permanent member of one of the laboratories or associated teams of the NIDS Academy. The project should involve, in addition to the PI laboratory at least one secondary laboratory, one institution, one association or one company from Alpes-Maritimes area.

Multi-Academy Projects

If the project concerns several academies and if it is justified, a request for funding can be made to several academies. It is then necessary to specify which is the main academy and the share of the total budget requested to the NIDS Academy.

Funding and Duration 

  • First Call : The requested funding cannot be less than 20k€ over a period of maximum 24 months (starting from the awarding decision scheduled in autumn 2017). The received funds can cover missions, hardware, software packages, internship grants, or other resources necessary to the implementation of the research
  • Second Call: The salary funding can only be used to hire post-docs or engineers for a period of 1 year maximum. Some funding can also be allocated for the travel and hardware of the recruited personnel with a maximum of 15% overhead.

For all selected projects, an activity report will be required after its completion and a yearly follow-up report will be provided for projects extending over more than one year. All project results (publications, demonstrations, scientific events…).should be made visible on the web site of the academy.

Proposal preparation and submission

The proposal should be prepared using the template associated with this call, available on the Nuxeo web site. The proposal can be written in French or in English.

Online submission through the Nuxeo calls plateform : 

The deadline for submitting the projects is Monday September 18th 2017 at 12am. No postponement will be granted.

The NIDS Academy Scientific Committee will rank the proposals and give a detailed opinion on each one, and the academy steering committee will select the projects accepted for funding.