Forum Numerica - Enabling Collaborative Modeling in Model-driven engineering


Pr Eugene Syriani
Université de Montréal



The development of complex software-intensive systems requires stakeholders from diverse domains to work in a coordinated manner on different aspects of the system. Model-driven engineering (MDE) helps in reducing the gap between heterogeneous domains using principles of separation of concerns, automatic generation and domain-specific languages (DSL). MDE is thus a potential solution to help develop systems collaboratively. In MDE, stakeholders work on models in order to design, transform, simulate, and analyze systems. Teams of stakeholders with varying expertise work together to produce a coherent and complete system. Therefore, there is a need for collaborative platforms to allow modelers to work together. In this talk, I present the different research projects we have been working on in the topic of collaborative modeling in MDE. After laying a set of necessary requirements I address several topics. We will look at the data structures needed to ensure near real-time collaboration. We will see how multi-view modeling is essential to let users work on different aspects of the system concurrently. Having users from different domains and expertise, we show how to adapt the modeling environment specifically to the needs and habits of the user. We will discuss automatic generation of restrictive modeling IDEs that can support all sorts of user interaction modes.
About the speaker
Pr. Eugene Syriani is Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Montréal since 2015, where he is co-leading the GEODES (“Groupe de recherche en Génie Logiciel”) research group. Eugène is working on providing tools and techniques for software engineers and experts in other science and engineering disciplines that improve their productivity and help them output artifacts of high quality. His main research interests fall in software design based on the model-driven engineering approach. In particular, he is interested in model transformation and collaborative modeling. He also work on simulation-based design, code generation, and deployment of large applications.