Improved LocaLization in Wireless IoT Networks

About the Project

The I-LL-WIN project is the natural continuation and extension of the I-WIN project.

Among the different Internet of Things (IoT) wireless infrastructures, the emerging Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) standards, such as LoRa, cover a wide scope of applications characterized by long communication range (exceeding few kilometers) and low data rate (up to few kbps). However, LPWAN constraints in terms of low cost, low power consumption and low bandwidth, make localization in these networks particularly challenging.

The objective of I-LL-WIN project is the development of a localization system in LPWAN IoT networks. The collaboration between LEAT, INRIA and FBK will allow the localization problem to be faced at different levels. The project in fact aims at developing a miniaturized device communicating suitable for easy integration in the target to be located (physical level), optimizing the IoT network configuration to allow the extraction of the best features for location estimation (network level), and developing a suitable machine learning algorithm providing an improved location estimation based on the extracted features and additional environment data (data level).

Principal Investigator
Project's partner(s)
  • Walid DABBOUS, Inria DIANA team
  • Cesare FURLANELLO, FBK, Trento (Italie)

January 2019 - December 2020

Total Amount

41 150 euros

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