De l’Identification Basée appRentIssage au contrôle basé moDèle

(from Learning-based identification to model-based control)

About the Project

The IBRID project is a collaboration between INPHYNI and I3S laboratories. The originality of this project lies in the combination of data-driven and model-driven methods to study the complex locomotion of fish.
The first objective (post-doc) is to achieve optimal control of swimming by maximizing the pushing force. To achieve this goal, the choice of the oscillation frequency and the maximum amplitude of the fishtail must be correctly chosen to ensure optimal pushing force.
The second objective (thesis) is to ensure the autonomous movement of the fish by using visual servoing strategies taking into account the results obtained previously.
The applications targeted by this project are the monitoring of water quality in rivers, seas, and oceans. This small portable autonomous system (the robotic fish) is easier to deploy than a marine buoy.

Principal Investigator
Project's partner(s)
  • Christophe Raufaste (INPHYNI)
  • Médéric Argentina (INPHYNI)
  • July 2020 – December 2023
Total Amount
  • 205 000 euros (postdoc of 18 months and thesis of 36 months)
Related Documentation
  • Project IBRID presentation (Day of projects restitution of the Academy “Networks, Information and Digital Society", 7/03/2022)