Using virtual reality to improve patients rehabilitation process

About the Project

Virtual reality has already shown its effectiveness in strengthening the motivation of patients in rehabilitation and allow, to a certain extent, the repetition of key gestures to treat a pathology. However, the simple visual feedback present in virtual reality limits both the realism of situations, a key element of patient motivation, and the possibility of repeating exercises and adapting posture to the pathology and abilities of patients.

The first objective of the REVMED project is to introduce motion generators in this environment to fill these gaps.

The second objective is to instrument the rehabilitation station with communicating sensors, secure, modular and simple to implement in order to produce during the exercises a mass of data whose subsequent processing will, in collaboration with the medical specialists, on the one hand to develop synthetic and relevant indicators to quantify more objectively the evolution of patients' health status and, on the other hand, to contribute to the functional modeling of pathologies in order to improve their treatment and to develop new exercises.

The REVMED rehabilitation station concept is modular and flexible in both hardware and software to allow for varying degrees of sophistication ranging from full hospital potential to simple home installation.

Principal Investigator
Project's partner(s)
  • Philippe ROBERT, CoBTek lab, University Côté d'Azur

December 2017 - December 2019

Total Amount

50 000 euros

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