Multidisciplinary Research Projects

Join a team of students from different disciplines working on a shared topic

Multidisciplinary projects emphasize teamwork. Each student brings to the group the vision of his or her discipline to address a common problem. It's by combining everyone's expertise that innovative solutions can emerge to meet complex real-world challenges. This hands-on approach helps you develop transferable skills in project management, communication, peer cooperation and teamwork, planning, leadership...

How do multidisciplinary project work?

  • These projects are open to M1 and M2 students.
  • Each student participating in a multidisciplinary project has a supervisor from his or her own discipline.
  • Doctoral students are encouraged to supervise students in multidisciplinary projects. Take our dedicated Students' Supervision training!
  • Students usually work on DS4H research projects (tutorships and multidisciplinary) on Fridays because that day is often left open for that purpose in their course schedule. But they can choose another day of the week, if their supervisor agrees.
  • Students must check that they are available for the immersion week and make sure that their supervisor is also available.
  • Students must make themselves available to attend any additional sessions organized in context with the research project throughout the semester.
  • If the student and supervisor agree, the same multidisciplinary project can be extended for one or even two additional semester(s) and ultimately serve as the master's internship.
  • A multidisciplinary research project corresponds to a minimum of 91 hours per semester (one day per week over a period of 8 weeks + a full week in immersion).
  • Most multidisciplinary projects grant 6 ECTS credits.
  • Evaluation : oral + written report.

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