Visiting Researcher - Elena Morotti

Elena Morotti is a junior assistant professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, since 2021. After the Master Degree in Mathematics at Bologna, she received her PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Padova in 2018 and she was a research fellow at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in Bologna.

Her researches mainly concern the implementation and application of algorithms for medical image restoration and reconstruction, based on regularized inverse problem formulations with variational tools or neural networks. In 2018-2020, she also developed projects with Virtual Reality technologies.
She is a founding member of the Learning and Optimization for Imaging in Bologna (LOIBO) research group and member of the Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory (VARLAB) and of the Computational Social Science Center (CssC).

The Academy of Excellence “Networks, Information and Digital society” supported two visits of one week, in May and June 2022, to work with Luca Calatroni (I3S) and R. M. Dessi (CEPAM). This collaboration focused on the Imag’In CNRS PRIME project which aims to study and restore mural paintings of some chapels in the Alpine Arc dating back to the Middle Ages. Elena Morotti contributes to this project by taking part in the design and implementation of an efficient workflow, combining the application of variational and deep-learning algorithms for image processing and object recognition.