Forum Numerica - Magdalena Igras-Cybulska: Interactive XR environments as a tool in managing the real world challenges


Discovering talents, improving skills and accessibility, spatial internet browsing - interactive XR environments as one of available ways of help in managing the real world challenges

Since the opinions on the opportunities and threats of games, immersive technologies (VR/AR/XR) and Metaverse are highly polarized, some of the unique features of them can create value proposition for the next-generation education, science and business.
In this seminar we will make the brief overview of the technologies behind such environments, explain the exemplary ways of how to start using and creating them.
We will also discuss the potential of the technologies based on the case studies from our recent projects and research, e.g. virtual trainer of public speaking and voice emission, strengthening empathy with use of immersive experiences, increasing productivity and onboarding with use of voice technology and virtual reality.

About the speaker

Magdalena Igras-Cybulska is a biomedical engineer, speech engineer and XR researcher. In her research and development projects she explores the potential of using new interfaces and immersive technology for educational and societal applications. She cooperates with several universities and companies. Her recent projects are: glossoVR - virtual trainer of voice emission and public speaking (with AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland), etnoVR - an immersive experience of etnocultural empathy (with SWPS University, Warsaw, Poland), NUX - natural voice interface for Virtual Reality (with 1000 Realities Studio, Poland) and multiuser intelligent solutions for Metaverse (with epicVR, Poland).