During the semester, schedules and rooms are subject to change: please visit this page regularly!
Last update: Dec,7 (see below)


Artificial Intelligence: Introduction to Machine Learning

previously "AI (Introduction): Data Analysis and Machine Learning"
Room update : Oct, 18

Artificial Intelligence: Introduction to Deep Learning

previously "AI (Advanced) : Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning"
Format and room update : Oct, 7

Introduction to Scientific Research

Schedule update : Dec, 1

Organize your activity in project mode

Schedule update : Nov, 10

Quantum Computing and Networking

Not open this semester

Quantum Engineering

Room update : Oct. 4

Sensor and Network Devices

Time update : Oct, 21

Sociology of Creative Industries

Time update : Oct, 13

Tools 2 Communicate

Schedule update : Dec, 7

Website Creation Workshop

Evaluation update : Nov, 3